Privatpraxis für Hypnose & lösungsorientierte Psychotherapie Katja Burkhardt, M.Sc.
Privatpraxis für Hypnose& lösungsorientierte PsychotherapieKatja Burkhardt, M.Sc.

"You know, sometimes we're not prepared for adversity. When that happens sometimes we are caught short. We don't know exactly how to handle it when it comes up. Sometimes we don't know just what to do when adversity takes over.
And I have advice for all of us, I’ve got it from my pianist Joe Zawinul, who wrote this tune. And it sounds like what you’re supposed to say when You have that kind of problem. It’s called:
Mercy, mercy, mercy!"
Cannonball Adderley, 1966

Love for life

I love the above-announced song as well as the wonderful announcement. So: a confident and relaxed „Yes“ to life, in all its facets with highs and lows - that is the idea of my everyday life and therefore the fundament of my therapeutic work.

In a mindful and respectful atmosphere, I see myself as a companion in times of change - sometimes silent and listening, sometimes questioning, sometimes engaged in action and movement. I will always provide all my professional skills, to find the best possible treatment for You.

In my work, I integrate scientific research findings and manifold experiences from different contexts and therapy techniques. My repertoire consists of: hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused brief therapy, ego-states, relaxation, mindfulness, focussing. I also like working with highly effective tapping techniques. Flexibility in my work is crucial, so I can always provide the best individual service for Your health and well-being.

In addition to the above I sometimes simply use common sense.


I am a clinical psychologist and licensed psychotherapist (CBT) as well as a licensed hypnotherapist (M.E.G.).  Before studying psychology I worked as a freelance musician and provided coaching for young people with chronic illnesses in a self-help group. I had the great opportunity to spend one of my high school years in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and since tried to keep my English language skills. I am happy to be one of the few therapists in Cologne to offer my services to English speaking clients.



  • Clinical Hypnosis (Jeff Zeig, Gunther Schmidt, Brian Alman; M.E.G.)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AVT Köln GmbH)
  • Ego-States Therapy (Woltemade Hartmann, Krefeld)
  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (Ruhr-University, Bochum)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience (Ruhr-University, Bochum)



  • Ruhr-University Bochum, Faculty of Medicine
  • Ruhr-University Bochum, Faculty of Psychology
  • Akademie für Verhaltenstherapie, AVT Köln
  • Speaking at nurses training schools



  • Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW
  • Milton H. Erickson Foundation for Clinical Hypnosis

Kontakt/Contact details

Katja Burkhardt, M.Sc.

Psychologische Psychotherapeutin


Friedrichstr. 14
51143 Köln

Fon 02203.9079633

Fax 02203.9079634